Repair and refurbishment: the value of Dana’s combined approach for the construction industry

Working across sectors as varied as quarrying, marine and food manufacturing, Dana’s servicing team’s 30-plus years of engineering expertise means time- and cost-savings when it comes to critical machinery repair and refurbishment. Here, Andrew Baggaley gives an overview of Dana’s approach to one project for the construction industry.

Image 1 – General arrangement of the unit

Dana invest in winch stock for Northern European market

Responding to market demands, Dana have invested significantly in Brevini® hoisting winches, making a range of products available for fast delivery to customers in the UK and Northern Europe.

Brevini® hoisting winches available from stock now include 10 design variants, with hoisting capacities from 0.4 to 6.0 tonne. All stock winches are marinized, with C5MH paint and marine seals as standard.

Dave Brown, sales manager for Dana SAC UK, commented on the new initiative,
“We have an excellent record for customer retention, and listening to our customers is key to this. It became apparent that there are projects where a fast turnaround on winch supply is needed – and this is across all the sectors we work in, whether construction, marine, materials handling and other industrial or mobile applications. While many companies aren’t in a position to keep a vast range of products in stock, I’m delighted that Dana are investing in the European market, to make it that much easier for us to meet our customers’ requirements. Brevini winches have long been selected by customers based on their quality and reliability, and this new initiative will help confirm us as supplier of choice within the market.”

Hydraulic cylinders support London’s newest moveable bridge

Providing a road and pedestrian link in Canary Wharf, London’s newest moveable bridge is a feat of engineering and architecture, supported by hydraulic cylinders from Dana SAC UK, allowing large vessels to pass through and keeping Thames’ commerce flowing.

Bridge deck raised, to allow large vessels to pass through

The gearboxes driving game-changing subsea technology

Now in its final stages of testing and ready for launch onto the market this year, Macgregor’s fibre-rope subsea crane is set to deliver some of the most significant advances the offshore load handling market has seen in years. A retrofit modular system, developed by Macgregor and utilising fibre-rope tensioning technology perfected by Parkburn Precision Handling Systems, the patented capstan winch at the heart of the system is powered by Brevini® Motion Systems gearboxes from Dana Inc.

Parkburn capstan winch powered by Brevini® Motion Systems

Test rig investment to support UK fluid power customers

Dana SAC UK announce investment at the company’s Warrington site with the installation of a hydraulic test rig, providing local capacity to test and support more fluid power products within the UK.

Fluid power products which can now be effectively tested and better-supported include Brevini® HPV valves, a range of latest-generation proportional directional valves that perform two simultaneous functions: directional control and flow control unaffected by load variations.

Modular control valve for delivery to drill rig

Dana’s mobile portfolio expanded with ‘World’s Greenest Truck’

Building on their global reputation as industrial mobile market leaders, Dana’s gear pumps are now helping to move Tevva’s groundbreaking trucks – providing zero emissions for more than 150km.

Tevva’s “World’s Greenest Truck’

Tevva designs and manufactures range-extended electric trucks and powertrains for 7.5 -14 tonne trucks, enabling drivers to maximise battery life and travel hundreds of miles before charging, far beyond the standard 30-40 mile range. Their on-board, cloud-based, patented software PREMS (Predictive Range Extender Management Software) enables autonomous management of vehicle emissions, monitoring real-time conditions and controlling the use of the range extender to automatically ensure zero emissions in urban areas. The unique software predicts a day’s total energy requirements to optimise the performance of the vehicle and to maximise the distance powered by Grid electricity. This reduces urban road network emissions for some users by up to 100% and delivers a strategic road network emissions reduction of NOx, CO2, THC gases and particulates of up to 95%.

Dana expand into the polar regions with RRS Sir David Attenborough

Dana expand into the polar regions with RRS Sir David Attenborough

Constructed at the Cammell Laird shipyard, last month saw Sir David Attenborough launch the 10,000-tonne hull of his namesake into the River Mersey, where building of the UK’s newest polar ship continues.

With decades of experience in the marine sector, through the Brevini® brand, Dana were awarded the contract to supply geared motors to drive the steering element of the Tees White Gill thrusters which will enable the polar research vessel to manoeuvre and position accurately, even in heavy ice water conditions.

Dana Incorporated and Hydro-Québec Announce Strategic Joint Venture

Dana Incorporated and Hydro-Québec last week announced a joint-venture partnership in which TM4 Inc., a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, will become Dana’s source for electric motors, power inverters, and control systems.

Positions Dana as the only supplier with complete gearbox, motor, inverter, and thermal-management capability, creating a leader in power generation and conveyance for electrified vehicles

TM4’s motor and inverter capabilities complement Dana’s e-Drive design, engineering, and manufacturing

Dana’s extensive market breadth enables TM4 to realize its full business potential

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